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Cloud Computing. Would you eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?

publicado por Mauricio Veneroso

Thousands of articles have been discussing the benefits, concerns, implementation and usage of cloud computing.

It really seems to be a temptation. Imagine never have to worry about where your information and files are and whether they will be available for you or not. It really is the end of personal computer as many other articles are talking about.

But the problem is that people have a big eye only on the word “computer” but forget about the word “personal”.

I will not discuss the technology and security concerns regarding the usage of “the cloud”. Instead, I would prefer to remind a story I received on my email in 2004 (any resemblance is purely coincidence). Of course I adapted it.

This story reminded me the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit.

The cloud is the forbidden fruit in this case.

Please read it, have fun and rethink whether or not you would bite the forbidden fruit and take the risk of being expelled from Eden.

Ordering a Pizza in 2015 …

Operator: “Pizza Hot, Good Morning”

Customer: “Hello, I want to order a pizza”

Operator: “Can you give me your NIDN?”

Customer: “Sure, my national identification number, is 6102049998-45-54610”

Operator: “Thank you Mr. Kerry. Your address is 1742 Meadowland Drive, and your telephone number is 494-2366, your office number at Lincoln Insurance is 745-2302 and your laptop is 266-2566. Please confirm which number are you calling from? “

Customer: “Me? I’m at home. Where did you get all this information?”

Operator: “We are connected to the cloud”

Customer: (Sighs) “Oh yeah, I wanted to order two pizzas with extra cheese and shrimp …”

Operator: “Not a good idea”

Customer: “What!?”

Operator: “It is on your medical records. You suffer from hypertension and you have a very high level of cholesterol in addition to your life insurance warnings against dangerous choices you made for your health”

Customer: “Yeah .. you are right! What do you suggest?”

Operator: “Why don’t you try our pizza with light soy yogurt, I’m sure you will love it”

Customer: “How would you know it!?

Operator: “You have browsed the site ‘Recette Gourmandes au Soja ‘ from the municipal library on January 15th at 14h32 and you stayed in this web site for 36 minutes. That is the reason for my suggestion”

Customer: “Wow. That is great! Give me two family-size pizzas, how much?”

Operator: “It is the right choice for you Sir, for your wife and four children. That´s $ 49.99″

Customer: “You want my credit card number?”

Operator: “I’m sorry but you will have to pay in cash. The limit of your credit card has already been exceeded”

Customer: “Never mind, I will go to the ATM before you get the pizza”

Operator: “I doubt you can do it Sir. Your account balance is negative.”

Customer: “Come on. This is not your business. Send me the pizza and I will get the money. When will you deliver it?”

Operator: “Our delivers are running late. It will be delivered in 45 minutes. If you are in a hurry you can come in to pick them up, but I warn you that carrying two pizzas in your motorcycle may be dangerous”

Customer: “What kind of story is this, how do you know that I will use my bike?”

Operator: “I’m sorry, I just noticed that you had not made your car payments and it was seized. But your Harley’s been paid. That’s why I thought that you were planning to use it”

Customer: “@ #% / $ @ &? #!”

Operator: “I appreciate if you not insult me … do not forget that you have already been convicted in 2009 for insulting an police officer on the street”

Customer: (silence)

Operator: “Anything else!?”

Customer: “No, that’s all … no wait … do not forget the 2 cokes from the promotion”

Operator: “I am sorry sir, but the regulation of our promotion, as mentioned in art. 3/12, forbids us to send drinks with sugar to diabetics”

Will you eat the forbidden fruit?


Mauricio Veneroso tem mais de 20 anos de experiência na área de TI sendo mais da metade no mercado de telecomunicações. Trabalhou em diversos projetos de desenvolvimento de sistemas. Nos últimos 5 anos sua atuação tem sido voltada para ITSM atuando como Consultor de TI, estruturando equipes de suporte, níveis de serviço e definindo processos de melhoria contínua redefinindo inclusive metodologias de desenvolvimento de sistemas, participando da elaboração de SoWs, RFPs e RFIs para assegurar transições para os times de produção, suporte e sustentação de sistemas com o menor impacto possível para as áreas usuárias e para os times de suporte.

Mauricio Veneroso


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