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What is the soundtrack of your job?

What is the soundtrack of your job?

posted by Mauricio Veneroso

It is funny to think like this. But the question is as objective as what you read above. Life of any human being is related to happy and not so happy moments as everybody knows. It is also related to many different types of ourselves. You could be angry on your workplace but as soon as you get home, you try to change the role you play to a different type of yourself and you suddenly become a happy guy. You could also be very happy in the morning while creating a new way of making your life and the life of your team and co-workers easier and suddenly the big boss requests something for the next hour and you get very much stressed. Remember your last job? And what about the first one? How happy, or sad, or stressed, comfortable or uncomfortable were you? Considering isolated moments on these previous jobs, you could have experienced many, many feelings. But as a whole, how did you feel? I am completely sure that you always had a soundtrack associated to different moments on your life. When you were a kid you had a different soundtrack related to the toys you played and/or to the friends you had. When you gave your first kiss, I am sure that a soundtrack reminds you that first kiss. It has always happened to all your personal moments and I am also sure that it has been happening to your moments on the companies you worked for. Your professional moments. In my case, I can remember several moments with soundtracks like Simply the Best, Top Gun, Star Wars, Welcome to the Jungle, Killing in the Name, Matrix and James Bond. But what about you my friend. Tell me. What is the soundtrack of your job at this very moment or a soundtrack that is remarkable on your professional carreer? What is the soundtrack of your job?





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