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Exit the Matrix, stand out in a crowd

publicado por Fabio Bahia

“The mind is everything. What you think you become,” Buddha.

Human behavior excels when human beings face challenges that surpass their own capacity.

Being able to understand and solve highly complex life equations are part of human development and evolution.

The human brain took millions of years to adapt to its body and functions and to automate all that is repetitive (e.g. Tasks like breathing, digesting and reproducing of cells).

Presently we live on human evolution that allows humans to download data to peripherals like mobile phones, notebooks, and tablets. The result is saving processing power and energy and time.

What are the challenges of a human being? For you it could be rising up again after a major failure or dreaming about a goal and working to achieve it 10-12 hours a day to achieve it, putting your heart and soul in it.

Being is the self motivation of a conscious being, placing its own goals, developing new skills and challenging its own limits.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill.

Do you feel warm or alternately cold? The brain wiring is a setup in between a set of thresholds that allows the human being to communicate with the external environment.

This environment allows the human being to experiment and fine tune the brain response to the data received. The volume of data is large.


As the schematic for every human being is the same, we can ascertain that what makes each human being different should be the software.

How to setup the software in order to create the same response to the external environment?

I am still searching for this answer.

The herd effect partly explains why a group of human beings adopt the same action when confronted with a group reaction.

Do you recall entering into an empty restaurant and suddenly being followed by groups of people or remember sitting in that movie theater seat and groups of people getting close to your seat?

This is an unconscious behavior. Human beings like to congregate just to feel safe. People tend to do that without consciously thinking.


At the beginning of this article we described that the human brain automates some functions to spare energy and processing power.

Are we consciously aware of this autopilot behavior?

Do we know how to turn it off?

Yes, there are simple techniques that we can apply on a daily basis to avoid automatic responses from the brain. Below some examples:

Turn off the TV, smartphone and electronic gadgets, this will improve our focus.
Think before answering (or reacting). Yes it is true, take a deep breath and count 2 or 3 seconds and other brain connections will be made possible, improving the amount of data being analyzed by our brains. The resulting output will be a richer response.
Reply to emails, facebook, and social media once a day. This is the most difficult lesson to execute since we are connected 24/7 and the overwhelming amount of data to process leads us to stress and anxiety. Give a break to your brain and allow it to cool down and focus on priorities like personal life and work.


Split testing is a way of comparing multiple versions of a web page.

The same definition may apply to our brain behavior. We seek comfort and secure patterns to achieve our goals. Do we have a certainty of success before we start? No, not for certain, we only have a probability of success.

When facing daily challenges our brain will do Split Testing for every decision we face. The outcome will be analysed and based on the success rate the same strategy may be applied in the future


For closure on this article I would like to borrow the viewpoint from the 90’s movie “The Matrix”, when Morpheus gives Neo the option to see reality or live the daily illusion.

Being aware of our automatic behavior it’s is a step closer to ending the illusory decision and to achieve our goals.

The option now lies in your hand. What would you choose, illusion and automatic behavior or reality and a conscious mind?

Stand out in a crowd.

PS: Thx Joe and Luciana Casciari for the help. 🙂 S2 Love.


Fabio Bahia É formado em Administração com Especialização em Engenharia de Software. Possui MBA em Gestão da Qualidade de Projetos. Aos 7 anos de idade pediu um video game e ganhou um computador, ali iniciou na TI através de jogos em basic. Atualmente pesquisa Python, Big Data e Inteligência Artificial.

Fabio Bahia


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