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Education is important, but there’s something more valuable…

publicado por Garrett O'Brien

In my previous article, A Formal Education Equals a Good Manager?, a discussion was brought that good management is not tied to a degree, though it does help. Too often, people will lean on knowledge, learning, and technology to resolve their problems when many times seeking the experience someone else has had in the same matter would be the best question to seek — not answers, but questions. The right questions will always outweigh the right answers. Even reflecting on their own experiences and that of others will go a long way (hint: this is known as wisdom).

Colleges are not an entitlement or condition for special considerations — if we stand back and take a view, colleges are professional training schools for a specific concentration. There is value to be gained from having college education — but the Achilles heel is in the word education… Training is needed as well. Some colleges have adopted this approach and have combined education and training. Graduates from these schools have an initial pay that is usually 30% higher than those graduating from traditional education.

As for the rate of change in IT, there is an effect named the domino effect — as one area is changing (that is, IT), other following areas must be consistent with their change. The root for all careers is education and training — whether a person of be of 20, 30. 40, 50 or 60 years. The traditional teaching methods are formulated for a slower rate of change and are good for history, languages, mathematics… But for any subject that changes as quickly as information technology has needs that cannot be met with traditional teaching methodologies. Teaching methods need to be honed to the changes to be competitive not only in Brasil but in other countries as well.

My own experience favors those that have had training as well as education — my own history has 2 years of college, incomplete, and 19 years as an entrepreneur. There are many very success people who have not completed their education — Bill Gates of Microsoft (abandoned college after 2 years), Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines (abandoned formal education at 16 years) are two examples and there are many more. For the companies listed in the Fortune 500, about 80% were originally started by people who did not complete a formal education.

Does the mean we should abandon as well? In one word – NO! But one part of the backbone for any country is education. When a country fails to maintain a good foundation for their citizens, they have formed a weakness that will only grow exponentially. From the video below, the TOP 25% students of India and China exceed the TOTAL students in the USA, which means Brazil is out numbered as well. What is not discussed in the video is the quality of the education and training. provides a good and reliable overview of statistics globally — the USA has lowered dramatically from first to 25th from lacking a quality education in the past 20 years. Brazil has been rising slowly since Lula’s administration — I apologize as I do not know from what level but have been following for two years. The site is full of statistics and much information —

For Brasil you can see here —

There are many challenges for Brasil, but none are unconquerable. Need to maintain a perspective to always view what is happening now in the light of where everything was — otherwise will never know what is a good direction.




Garrett O'Brien é consultado por implementações SIRH pelas empresas e as empresas (Fortune 100, 500 e 1000) desde 1991. Seus clientes anteriores incluem Lubrizol, ADP, Case New Holland, a Cushman & Wakefield, MAHLE, Honeywell International, Sodexho, e muitos outros localizados em os EUA Garrett é • Editor e escritor de 4 blogs mundiais focada em SIRH e gerenciamento de projetos, que são lidos em 160+ países • Exec VP para EUA CGServices enfocando multi-fornecedor, o sistema de multi-linha para sistemas HRIS • membro do Conselho de Gerson Lehrman Group Conselho, o que ajuda a instituições dos líderes mundiais se reunirem, engajar e gerenciar os especialistas em uma ampla gama de setores e disciplinas. Garrett se concentra em SIRH global Garrett está trabalhando em alguns projetos em Brasil. Um deles é focando as melhorias necessárias na gestão de projetos, especialmente as fases mais iniciais. O outro projeto se concentra no uso de tecnologia dentro do sistema de ensino para melhorar a educação de tecnologia para estudantes e professores. Ambos os projetos serão locais no Brasil, mas será global em perspectiva. Atualmente, o Sr. O'Brien reside em o estado de São Paulo e funciona a partir de Home Office. Não hesite em contactar-lo diretamente no LinkedIn ( ou por e-mail ( twitter: @thehrisworld @hriscareerworld @thw_research @thwrn_news

Garrett O'Brien



  • Mr O’Brien

    Congratulations on your article and would like to make an observation:

    In the survey conducted last year by FGV (, 85% of people who have post of manager or IT director has in his first college or university, a course that is not directly tied to IT, then it makes a Masters Degree / MBA with focus in IT.

    That is, at first, make sure at some college strongly connected with IT is not the preference of these professionals.

    Then we have the impression that many IT managers and directors came to the area per pulse but not by feelings, with few exceptions.


  • This is a common occurrence in many countries — unfortunately, the sword is always sharpest on the stone from which is was honed… if you know what I men…

    Being able to resolve problems of studies and academia only proves you are a god student — a good manager,leader, or director is being able to apply the same skills in the real world but with something many do not experience in school. That is, motivating and leading people by example and vision.

    That is not to take away from anyone that is doing well that have been in these circumstances — they are good and should be sought for advice. Those willing should mentor others that will be replacing them upon their their retirement, or replacement.

  • … e obrigado Roberto por seus comentários, eles são sempre bem vindas a qualquer um dos meus posts

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