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Innovation needs human stimulus, not more technology…

publicado por Garrett O'Brien

What you keep in front of you is the direction you will go…

Many times the “research and analysis” for a new system will be heavily burdened with the obvious – with a flair for the bells and whistles that are believed to assist and help a company with a new system.

Consistently, too many projects are started with looking for the right answers…  Too many times the project is pursued without really looking for the right questions instead…  A simple concept – but it requires thinking beyond the textbook and the normal viewpoint.

There are many companies, during the years of prosperity, will seek to constantly upgrade their system(s) to the latest and greatest bells and whistles, falsely believing this assist in keeping  them ahead of their competition…  Apparently someone needs to remind them that it is innovation – along with what they already have – that has made companies, and their products and/or services, great?

In a post of my colleague, Alexandre Fernando mentions in his article The Power of Simplicity and Use of Reason in Choices, “For businesses what matters is the objectivity, because time is money, or rather, time is more than money, is worth more, it provides the possibility of the search and “leisure” is also important for the dissemination and maturation of good ideas.”

Where do we see companies doing the best with what they already have?  When the economy is not doing well and the market will not support growth.  The lack of growth starts pushing their teams to be innovative – and create services and products that will outlast the downturn of the economy.  Why?  Because now, instead of bells and whistles, everyone is looking for quality and good investment for a longer period of time.  Which means everyone must create new ideas for services and/or products, expand upon what they already have and provide this at a lower cost.

The companies must also stretch their dollar on the capital they already have – meaning upgrades will only come after the second higher version has been introduced.  If they have version 7.x of any software, then they will make due until version 9.x arrives.  For services – companies will want to scale back so the providers will offer the same services, repackaged and given a new price…  They are trying to provide for a need as well but have to be convincing that their service is absolutely necessary or the client will perish.

My own example:  5-8 years ago, my cell phone provider offered me services for national coverage,  charges for roaming (being outside their service area), limited internet access, emails (5 accounts only), domestic SMS service (USA only – first 100 free, charge for more usage), plus a phone that resembled a hand held computer (known as a smart phone).  The price? Nearly US$275 every month…  What are they offering now?  GUARANTEED national coverage, NO roaming charges, UNLIMITED internet access, capacity to handle more than 50 email addresses,  UNLIMITED International AND domestic SMS service, plus a phone that would be 3 or 4 times more powerful than my original.  The difference?   Our economy has become extremely competitive (boosting innovation), electronics became cheaper (most likely the  result of increased innovation), and the need to provide services cheaper as no one would purchase more expensive services…  Oh, the price? US$50 every month….

It’s about attitude – what you keep in front of you is the direction you will go…  Do you want bells and whistles, or brain power, to resolve your companies challenges?

Next time a “new” technology arrives, look at the innovation behind it.  You will most likely see that it is really not the newest technology but innovation that has resulted in a simple solution, which usually results in one question, “Por que eu não pense que?”


Garrett O'Brien é consultado por implementações SIRH pelas empresas e as empresas (Fortune 100, 500 e 1000) desde 1991. Seus clientes anteriores incluem Lubrizol, ADP, Case New Holland, a Cushman & Wakefield, MAHLE, Honeywell International, Sodexho, e muitos outros localizados em os EUA Garrett é • Editor e escritor de 4 blogs mundiais focada em SIRH e gerenciamento de projetos, que são lidos em 160+ países • Exec VP para EUA CGServices enfocando multi-fornecedor, o sistema de multi-linha para sistemas HRIS • membro do Conselho de Gerson Lehrman Group Conselho, o que ajuda a instituições dos líderes mundiais se reunirem, engajar e gerenciar os especialistas em uma ampla gama de setores e disciplinas. Garrett se concentra em SIRH global Garrett está trabalhando em alguns projetos em Brasil. Um deles é focando as melhorias necessárias na gestão de projetos, especialmente as fases mais iniciais. O outro projeto se concentra no uso de tecnologia dentro do sistema de ensino para melhorar a educação de tecnologia para estudantes e professores. Ambos os projetos serão locais no Brasil, mas será global em perspectiva. Atualmente, o Sr. O'Brien reside em o estado de São Paulo e funciona a partir de Home Office. Não hesite em contactar-lo diretamente no LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/garrettobrien/pt) ou por e-mail (gobrien@thehrisworld.com) twitter: @thehrisworld @hriscareerworld @thw_research @thwrn_news

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