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Many articles are discussing the security guidelines for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The access to technology nowadays allows anyone to upgrade its own technology platform to the best the industry delivers.

The discussions talk about how the IT Departments need to evolve its policies of usage and interface with the company´s devices. It is really a multilayer management.

How can IT manage what can you install on your own device if it is your own device?

The main concern that every CIO has already thought about is the “security thing”. It´s been a long time since technology is not the “hand” anymore automatizing business processes and has become the “brain” of companies around the world.

But how can the CIO controls a brain which is not in the skull but spread in the whole body? That is the real concern about BYOD.

STOP! (you would say)

What about INMP? What does this author mean with this acronym? Is anything related to museums? Any kind of Natural Medicine? Nanoscale Materials?


INMP, in this article refers to a new behavior some managers are assuming after getting to know BYOD.

In this case, INMP stands for It’s Not My Problem. That is it. BYOD is very good because allow people to be more productive but it does not take off the responsibility of companies to supply its employees with the essential to work.

If the company wants someone to create faster and more complex spreadsheets, it needs to provide the employee with a good computer. If the employee needs to be contacted and contact others, as well as sending and receiving emails anytime, at least a good smartphone with a good rate plan is essential, and so on.

But the INMP managers, think and behave like if the employee needs those devices, it is not the company´s problem. Here comes the INMP (It’s Not My Problem) theory.

INMP is not the same as BYOD. BYOD is a reality but INMP is the dream world of a few.

INMP needs to become IT´S NOW MY PROBLEM.

Try to see BYOD as a gap on what the company is offering for those who really make things happen and take actions to solve this puzzle prior to losing its main pieces.


Mauricio Veneroso tem mais de 20 anos de experiência na área de TI sendo mais da metade no mercado de telecomunicações. Trabalhou em diversos projetos de desenvolvimento de sistemas. Nos últimos 5 anos sua atuação tem sido voltada para ITSM atuando como Consultor de TI, estruturando equipes de suporte, níveis de serviço e definindo processos de melhoria contínua redefinindo inclusive metodologias de desenvolvimento de sistemas, participando da elaboração de SoWs, RFPs e RFIs para assegurar transições para os times de produção, suporte e sustentação de sistemas com o menor impacto possível para as áreas usuárias e para os times de suporte.

Mauricio Veneroso


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